Novaline by Swan - Coming Soon! 
Dirty Tile and Grout? Not with Novaline!

Stained, dirty, and moldy grout in bathroom tile is gross. But Novaline eliminates that problem with an easy-to-clean surface that is non-porous and resistant to mold, mildew, and bacterial growth. Novaline 4-piece wall kits are made with durable Swanstone Solid Surface with the tile pattern engineered into the walls. There are no loose tiles that will eventually crack or lift from the surface like a tiled shower, which leads to cracked and loose grout as well. Novaline is sturdy and will not break or come loose over time. Finally, Novaline wall solutions are white through and through, including the Evergrout™ textured grout lines. Novaline's 4-piece wall kit is a budget-friendly alternative to tile and grout. 

Total Solutions. That’s our commitment. That’s our promise.

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