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It is no secret that it has been a challenging time due to labor issues, and raw material shortages; both factors causing extended lead times. ABG is continuing its relentless pursuit to push through these difficult times to serve our customers as best we can. Our procurement team has been leveraging our market share strength to acquire raw materials. Unfortunately, we have not experienced favorable trends in hiring to date.

ABG appreciates your patronage and patience with us through these tumultuous times. Our promise to you is that American Bath Group will continue to strive to provide you with the highest quality product as efficiently and timely as possible.

Delivering on time

ABG has initiatives focused on improving our delivery accuracy and timeliness. We also have been focusing on following up with our customers after deliveries to ensure delivery and product satisfaction. The negative responses are still too common but the vast majority are still very positive.  We are delivering products at a rate better than the 2020 plan yet the demand calls for more. We are concentrating on the opportunities for improvement to support our loyal customer base while simultaneously emphasizing the positive to bolster our loyal employee base.

“Our delivery truck arrived right on time it was scheduled for. All looked good, no visible issues. To save on warehouse space we have to keep units nested; we went ahead and un-nested a few and no issues with any of those, we noticed the spreader boards installed once all are un nested. The foam seems to be in place as far as I could tell, stretch wrap was tight; no shifting that I could see on the load.”


Helping our customers

We see our customers as partners and we will provide all help that we can to help promote their success and build our relationship. The ABG staff will do what it takes to ensure our customers' success.

“Delivery arrived on time that was quoted. I had to help assist with the unload, un nesting and inspecting of the units, no issues on the units. I have a whole new crew that is doing this. I was offered by my rep if any assistance, such as training from ABG, would be useful; she offered an un-nesting video which could be used for training. This is a definite  life save, I  plan on having my new crew  watch the un-nesting video. She also offered training with the warranty process and how to complete online. She also mentioned she will help with inventory/ FIFO training. I am extremely thankful for the assistance; this is above and beyond what any other companies would do.”




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